New role in a panny? Yep!

I now manage CRO for

Spanx hired me last summer to manage Conversion Rate Optimization. It was a brand new position for the company (and proved to be a terrific move!)

Don’t confuse CRO with A/B testing. A big part of my work is interpreting user analytics to derive insights that my team uses to improve the website experience.

A/B testing is just a slice of the whole pie. 🍕

My favorite aspect of shifting from performance marketing to CRO is that empathy and an understanding of people, not algorithms, drives my work.

Btw, I absolutely LOVE Spanx! And our leggings are THE BOMB (seriously). I get to work among the most badass people ever!

Up next in Q1, I’ll be heading our new Inclusion ERG. ✊🏾🌈🧕🏾

What about travel?

I was 83% to my goal of visiting 30 countries and all 7 continents before the pandemic hit. Where have I been? Check out the list.

Inspired by Derek Sivers